Why use a 360º Virtual Tour?


A “virtual tour will do the job of enticing or giving that extra nudge a potential customer may need to physically visit your establishment, whereby bringing in more traffic, referrals and potential sales.  In addition, a 360º interactive virtual tour is open 365 days of the year!

A 360° interactive virtual tour is a tool to showcase your establishment and all the good and services it has to offer! In most cases it’s used as a sales tool and can be used as a backend tool to collaborate, train or re-enforce.

Unlike a website, a 360º interactive virtual tour will engage and immerse your audience in a totally new experience, offering audio, video, pictures and documents that are strategically placed to show and tell the story you want told at every turn!

In conjunction with your existing website your audience will experience the best of both worlds, thereby making it a powerful sales and marketing powerhouse!

The customer is free to go and move about wherever they choose with in the tour, moving from one space to another in an engaging and quizzical way; the customer is in total control and always engaged!

A virtual tour can showcase one space or multiple spaces with one floor plan or multiple floor plans, it doesn’t matter the possibilities are endless! Here are just a few of the capabilities a 360° interactive virtual tour has to offer:

  • Capability of adding a Logo or multiple logos.
  • Capability of embedding audio or directional audio.
  • Capability of embedding video.
  • Capability of embedding pictures or a gallery of pictures.
  • Capability of embedding PDF files.
  • Capability of adding selectable hotspots.
  • Capability of adding drop down menus.
  • Capability of adding social sharing (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and email).
  • Capability of displaying maps (Google & Bing).
  • Capability of re-direction to other websites of your choosing.
  • Capability of displaying floor plans or multiple floor plans.
  • Capability of Autorotation Capability of Auto Tour Thumbnail pictures for navigation. Little Planet effect.

These are just a few, however by implementing one or many of the features make for a powerful, entertaining and engaging virtual tour and “All From a Different Point of View